Explore all the festivals and events on the Dewa Sanzan calendar.

Hassaku Festival on Mt. Haguro of the Dewa Sanzan

Dewa Sanzan Hassaku Festival on Mt. Haguro 

Mt. Chokai amongst the autumn leaves seen from Mt. Gassan of the Dewa Sanzan

Autumn on the Dewa Sanzan 

Dewa Sanzan Mt. Haguro Five Storied Pagoda Light Up at night

Mt. Haguro Five Story Pagoda Light Up 

The Shoreisai Festival on Mt. Haguro

The Shoreisai Festival on Mt. Haguro 

Dewa Sanzan Flower Festival on Mt. Haguro

Dewa Sanzan Flower Festival 

Mt. Haguro

Mt. Gassan

Mt. Yudono

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