Trainings on the Dewa Sanzan mountains

Written by Timothy Bunting

Looking for the best retreats in Japan? Looking for the opportunity to discover yourself in centuries-old experiences unique to this country? Or simply looking for the perfect escape deep in the mountains? Look no further than the Dewa Sanzan, the three sacred mountains of Dewa here in Yamagata Prefecture.

Located right in the centre of the pilgrim’s lodge village of Toge at the base of Mt. Haguro, one of the three Dewa Sanzan mountains, The Yamabushido Team offer a range of trainings and experiences in English for first-timers and repeat visitors to Japan alike.

If you find something you like, simply get in touch with the team here, or check out each page for more information. Customized experiences also available.

Customized Private Training

Yamabushi Master Hayasaka Sendatsu guiding on Mt. Gassan.

The Customized Private Training is the ultimate in personalised retreats on the mountains of Japan. In this experience you will spend seven days on all three of the Dewa Sanzan mountains under the direct guidance of yamabushi (mountain ascetics) and Zen masters.

Masters Yamabushi Shugyo

Master Hoshino of Daishobo Pilgrim’s lodge. Master Hoshino exclusively works with the Yamabushido Team.

The Masters Yamabushi Shugyo is a weeklong retreat including Yamabushi Shugyo under Master Hoshino on all three of the Dewa Sanzan: Mt. Haguro, Mt. Gassan, and Mt. Yudono.

Basic Yamabushi Shugyo

Yamabushi training near the Mt. Haguro Five Story Pagoda.

The Basic Yamabushi Shugyo is a five-day retreat including Yamabushi Shugyo under the direction of a certified Yamabushi on Mt. Haguro.

Reset Training

Zen meditation at Zenpoji Temple in Tsuruoka near the Dewa Sanzan
Sitting in meditation at Zenpoji Temple in Tsuruoka near the Dewa Sanzan

The Reset Training is a three-day program adjusted to your schedule on Mt. Haguro incorporating core elements of yamabushi training and Zen Buddhism with more modern methods of reflection focused on a spiritual reset of body and mind.

Timothy Bunting


Tim Bunting is a Dewa Sanzan Shrine Yamabushi with over 10 years’ experience living beneath the three mystical peaks. He is a self-professed Dewa Sanzan nerd, and is currently working on the Yamabushido project and Dewa Sanzan Monzenmachi Project with Megurun Inc. His roles including assisting in Yamabushi trainings, translating, interpreting, and curating

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