Three Sacred Peaks

Located in the centre of Yamagata Prefecture, the Dewa Sanzan is the collective name for three sacred mountains, Haguro-san, Gassan, and Yudono-san, revered for their spiritual prowess since ancient times.

Trip Through Time

Haguro-san represents the world of the present and the salvation of current hardships. Gassan represents the past or the afterlife where we atone for our wrongdoings. Lastly, Yudono-san the world of the future where we are reborn. 

Spiritual Awakening

Gassan is where the souls of the ancestors venture after they pass on to the other world. As such, we are able to physically be one with those who have gone before us as we pay our respects. At the same time, Buddha’s mantras are projected onto the Dewa Sanzan. Thus, navigating the mountains is to embody their wisdom. 

Your Journey of Rebirth

For millennia, Yamabushi (mountain ascetics) and regular people alike have made the journey to the Dewa Sanzan for spiritual rebirth.

Now it’s your turn.




The Backstory

For millennia, thousands upon thousands have flocked to the Dewa Sanzan, The Three Sacred Mountains of Dewa, in search of spiritual transformation. Now it’s your turn.

Shinto and Buddhist at the same time?

Shinto shrines on the grounds of former temples, self-mummifying monks, its own religion, the Dewa Sanzan is a hotbed of Japanese spirituality.

The Philosophy

Read a first-hand account on embodying the Dewa Sanzan’s ancient philosophy, Uketamo.

Shukubo Pilgrim’s Lodges

Shukubo are the pilgrim’s lodges playing host to worshippers visiting the sacred mountains for over 350 years, a culture that still remains to this day.

Ascetic Cuisine

Dewa Sanzan Shojin Ryori (ascetic cuisine) originated with what yamabushi (mountain ascetics) ate for survival in the mountains.

Saikan: Dewa Sanzan Shrine Lodging

Offering Dewa Sanzan Shojin Ryori (ascetic cuisine) and accommodation, Saikan at the summit of Haguro-san is Dewa Sanzan Shrine’s official lodging.

Dewa Sanzan Hiking Routes

Learn all you need to know before and during a hike on the Dewa Sanzan.


Learn all about the best ways to access the Dewa Sanzan with our Ultimate Guide to Accessing the Dewa Sanzan article.

Yamabushi Guided Hike

17th-generation Yamabushi Master Hayasaka introduces the philosophies of the Yamabushi that you can incorporate into your life in this experience based on centuries-old journeys to the Dewa Sanzan.

Yamabushi Training

Join 13th generation Yamabushi Master Hoshino and the Yamabushido Team in ascetic training on the Dewa Sanzan.

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