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All about Mt. Haguro’s Five Story Pagoda 

Shinto and Buddhist at the same time: Understanding religion in Japan 

Autumn on the Dewa Sanzan 

Conservation efforts on the Dewa Sanzan 

Dewa Sanzan Hiking and Itineraries 

Channel Matsuo Basho on the Dewa Sanzan 

Japan’s Spiritual Powerhouse: Dewa Sanzan 

Why to Add The Dewa Sanzan to Your Bucket List 

Why You Simply Must Try Dewa Sanzan Shojin Ryori 

Why you should stay in a Shukubo Pilgrim Lodge 

About Us: The Dewa Sanzan Monzenmachi Project Team 

The Ultimate Guide to Accessing the Dewa Sanzan 

Mt. Haguro

Mt. Gassan

Mt. Yudono

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